Gwen at the Wynn Casino

sexy babeI was at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas last night to see if I could find some new clients. Encase you didn’t know I gave up my job at the car dealership to become a very high class call girl. I was dressed to the tee with a navy blue sequined strapless dress that barely covered my ass. My double d girls were all but falling out of the top of my dress, and you could just almost see my pussy since I never wear any panties. I was on my way to the bar for a glass of champagne, when a single man hit it big at the black jacks table. They wanted him to continue to play, but he cashed out and went to his room. My friend that works there let me know what his room number was. So I grabbed a bottle of champagne and two glasses and headed to his room. He was kinda shy when he first answered the door. But once I assured him I would leave without a fuss if he wanted me to he went ahead and let me in his room. While he was opening the champagne, I bent over to pick up a token off the floor and he could see my wet pussy. It made his dick so hard that it was about to burst out of his pants…….you will have to call me to find out the rest.

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