Hot Neighbor

latina phone sexI noticed my next door neighbor checking my nalgas out. I told him, “whats up gringo what are you looking at huh?” He told me aye mami i cant help it looking at your fine Latina ass. Hahaha every time i knew he was about to get home from his oil field, I would go outside in my mini shorts were you could see a part of my butt cheeks hanging out. I would bend over pretend i was looking at my flowers in my beautiful garden. Next thing i know, I turn around and i see this hot gringo covered in oil all over his clothe. I could see him trying to hide his big boner from me. I told him no need to hide it papi. Cum on over, lets get in the shower. We had a cup of wine, while he played with the bubbles on my boobies. We ended up going to my room all naked. As he played with my tits i played with his dick in my mouth. Its your turn for this tits in your face baby

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