I Am Feeling Generous

Domination pornIt is not often that I am in this type of mood.  One in which I find Myself in the giving spirit.  Unless of course W/we are speaking of you giving to Me total devotion and subjugation.  I am speaking of something completely different.  I do understand that there are times in which you may wish to be under the care of a Femdom, like Myself, but funds might be running low.  It happens from time to time.

Femdom phone sexYou may not be aware, but here at Sophisticated Hotties we offer specials.  This way you can speak to the Woman of your cock craving dreams, at a special rate.  Usually I do not honor these specials because I am a Femdom and Femdoms on the whole do not give discounts.  However, since I am in this fine and fabulous mood, I have decided that I too will allow these specials to be used for the next couple of days for those who call Me.  You know who you are. I implore you to take advantage of this while you can because I do not know how long My mood will last, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a chance of a lifetime would you?

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