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Sexy Babe Therapist

sexy babeThe best sex, is with a sexy babe who is in charge. Why talk to a bimbo who giggles and moans when you can talk to a hot bitch size queen who tells you the truth? I love helping men explore their kinky fantasies and fetishes. Even more, however, I enjoy helping men realize they have tiny dicks. So many men are clueless about their tiny dicks. I have met many men with underwhelming dicks. Do I look like I do small cock? Hell no. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to small and flaccid dicks. Men who don’t know they have a shrimp dick, have never met a woman like me. I won’t blow smoke up your ass. I won’t tell you that your cock is the best cock I have ever seen when it makes me cringe. That does you no good and it does the women of the world no good either. I’m here to help you come to terms with your short comings, not coddle you. I am a phone sex therapist for small dicks and broke down losers. I can help cuckold you if you have a small dick. I can help you last if you are a premature ejaculator. I can get your broke down dick erect with a prostate exam or a good pegging. I can even help chronic masturbators. This sexy woman wants you to know and accept your short comings.

Best Phone Sex with My Slave

best phone sex

I had heard all about girls who have used strap on their significant others. I was obsessed with hearing all about it and wanted to use it on my boyfriend. I think it is so hot to be able to take control and make a man get pegged. My cunt gets so wet at the thought of me completely naked and holding a nice big one and getting you so weak and submissive enough to let me take control. I want that power. The best thing ever is being able to make you my bitch. Once I have you where I want you, I begin to be in charge. I ahead bitch in charge who knows what she likes. My boyfriend was so against it, but I knew I could convince him. A threesome would probably get me to a yes a lot faster than I think. There was one thing I knew for sure that would seal the deal. I promised him endless blowjobs all year. I love sucking and fucking but to be frank he is more of grower rather than a shower. Also, I have had to look elsewhere to keep my sexual needs met. Once I got him to agree, there was no turning back. I had him in my power. I love making him my bitch and getting him on all fours was the best. A perfect pegging slave for the night. I think I can get use to using this on him. I think it is my new favorite toy.

Foot Fetishes and Sex Therapy

Foot fetishesMy one client has a real foot fetish, and I always try to prepare something special for him. I was so glad I had, this time. I had myself set up and waiting for him to walk in. I was posed against my comfy couch with my feet prominently displayed in one of my sexiest pairs of shoes. He slammed into my office to find me like that, a look of complete anger on his face. That anger translated quickly to lust, and he was stripping his tie and belt off without even closing my door. The receptionist managed that for him while he dove right in behind me. He started kissing and sucking on as much of my toes as he could manage, rubbing his dick and balls against my other calf and the shoe straps there. He all but fucked my leg all the way until he came, and he barely kept from cumming. I twisted around and sat up on my couch, lifted my legs up, and caught his dick between my shoes, rubbing up and down it as he watched my sexy feet fucking his cock. His hand went to his balls, and before I knew it, he was shooting a load directly into my face and across my chest. I licked it all up, and then began to really take our session in depth.

Phone Sex Therapist Double Penetrated

Phone sex therapistBeing a phone sex therapist, I get lots and lots of sex everyday. It’s always a real treat, though, when I get double penetration. I was getting ready to leave my office for the day when my last client finally showed up. He was 45 minutes late for his appointment, citing a traffic accident and dead cell phone as the reasons. We were just getting into his session good when my date for the night showed up. I had, of course, messaged him to let him know that I’d be running late. He showed himself in just as I had started riding my client’s dick. My client’s big stress reliever is anal, so that left my cunt wide open. When my date nodded toward me, I guess my client said yes, because my date started getting naked, too. In minutes, I was being pounded in both holes, filled up so much. My body was taking a beating, and being pleasured so thoroughly, that I got off well before either of them, and they just kept going.

Phone Sex Therapist Mason

Phone sex therapistI had just shut down the office for the evening, and was changing, when my door swung open. I was standing there in nothing but my undergarments, but when I saw who it was, my body got hot in a flash. I hadn’t seen him in well over a year, and he was as hot as ever. I still remembered what he liked, so I took off my bustier and panties, and I propped myself up on my shredder receptacle. I reached into my file cabinet, and pulled out the toy I keep stashed there. As I started to play with myself with it, he started to strip. Shaved wet pussyIn almost no time, he was at my hip, taking the toy from me to shove into my ass. Then, he plunged into my pussy, and started to fuck me so hard that my receptacle was bouncing around. When he realized how distracting that was, he wrapped his arms around me, and carried me to the couch still buried inside me. He fucked up into me hard and deep as I sat on his lap, pushing that toy up deeper into me with every thrust. It took no time for me to start cumming, and once I did, I didn’t stop. He kept me cumming for over an hour! I can’t wait til he’s in town again!

Hot Sexy Woman Drilled from Behind

I’d invited him back to my place the night before, and he spent the night. I didn’t expect him to still be there the next morning, much less to roll over and wake me with a massive boner. But, that’s exactly what happened, and I was instantly horny. So, when his dick slid between my thighs from behind, I was already wet and willing. Hot sexy womanI kicked my leg back over his hip, but he quickly put his hand under it and held it up. He started drilling into my cunt so hard, deep, and fast, it was a-fucking-mazing! My tits were bouncing, my head lolled back, and I just enjoyed the hell out of my early-morning fuck. Finally, he wrapped his other arm around me, drawing me closer into him as his hand closed over my tit. And then, he was bursting inside of me, driving me to cum hard for him. I definitely need to make plans to spend time with him again.

Phone Sex Therapy Foursome

Phone sex therapyMy therapist and I had decided to meet at my office for Halloween. I needed a session, and we wanted to go out and do our own things directly afterward. We had just gotten into my session really well when her date for the evening showed up. Rather than making him wait outside, I had my receptionist send him on through. No sooner had we gotten him comfortable, and ourselves on our knees at his dick than a client of mine showed up and barged past my receptionist. He walked in on me and my therapist licking her date off, and immediately decided that he would join in. Before I knew it, he was undressed and thrusting his big, beautiful cock into my tight little ass. He started drilling me from behind, hard enough to shake my entire body as I licked and helped to suck off my therapist’s date. I guess that was a little more than her date was prepared to handle, because he started spurting off, and we had to work to keep up with his cum. We didn’t want him getting any of his outfit OR my rugs dirty! Next thing I knew, my client was cumming deep in my ass, hands holding me tight up against him as he shot off into me. Then, it was just a matter of my therapist and myself to worry about getting off.

Phone Sex Therapist Dominated at Gym

Phone sex therapistHe slammed his hand on my locker door as I was in the middle of changing into my workout clothes. Seconds later, he had me on the floor, shoving his dick into my mouth. As he fucked my face, he told me it had been far too long since he’d last seen me at the gym, and he had a lot to make up for. He plowed my throat raw, I could literally feel it going raw, and I knew I’d have to take really good care of my throat for a few days. But, the thought of how hard he was going to hit that pussy when he got inside of it had me dripping wetness onto the damn locker room floor. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed him backward onto the bench, and laid him down. Hot sexy womanI straddled him and slid my pussy over his face, grinding it on his nose and tongue. After just a few minutes of that, I slid down his body until my pussy swallowed his cock whole. Then, he propped my legs up in the air and started plowing up into me hard and deep. Feeling him thrusting up into me, filling me up over and over again, knowing he was going to blow a huge load into me, I came hard and fast all over his dick. I fucked him all the way up until someone actually walked into the locker room. After that, I figured taking him home with me and doing even more would be enough of a workout for the day.

Sexy Babe Gives Road Head

Sexy babeMy car broke down while I was trying to go out of town last weekend. So, there I was on the side of the interstate, wishing like hell I’d just stayed home, when he pulled up. He asked if anyone was on the way, and I told him that AAA was supposed to be coming, but were sure taking their precious time. He asked if he could take me anywhere so that I didn’t have to sit out in the heat, and I did not refuse. He brought me to a diner until AAA finally called to tell me that they were going to meet me in 20 minutes. He helped me back into his truck, and started the drive back to my car. I decided to thank him by rubbing my hand down his thigh, and then over his cock. His face showed his surprise before his hand started working at his fly. His dick was out and available in no time, and I stroked up and down that hardening shaft. I leaned all the way over and started to suck him off as we drove down the interstate, back to my car. We had only just made the turn around to be on the proper side of the interstate when he finally came for me, and I swallowed every drop. I thanked him one more time before he drove away just as AAA showed up.

Sex Therapy Porn Goes HARD!

Sexy therapy pornThere is nothing like having your pussy plowed to make the day seem a little better, you know? I was having a really hard day, and by the time he showed up, I was wishing I could just call it a day and go home. Thankfully, he’d been having a really hard day, too, and I didn’t have to put any real effort into his session. He walked right over to where I was, picked me up, and laid me down on the chair. He literally ripped my dress off of me, so I was glad I hadn’t worn a bra that day. He was impatient enough that he just pulled my panties aside and shoved himself into me with no foreplay. My legs were up and wide in no time, letting him hit as deep as he could, because damn I needed this! Just to be dominated and fucked hard! I love being the dominant one, but every once in a while, being subjected to a good, hard fuck is just fantastic, and he was hitting it so hard that I was cumming in no time! He didn’t stop, either. He kept driving until I came two more times, and he was spilling his jizz all up inside of me to the point it was seeping back out! I may have to pay him back for this one soon.

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