Sexy Babe Therapist

sexy babeThe best sex, is with a sexy babe who is in charge. Why talk to a bimbo who giggles and moans when you can talk to a hot bitch size queen who tells you the truth? I love helping men explore their kinky fantasies and fetishes. Even more, however, I enjoy helping men realize they have tiny dicks. So many men are clueless about their tiny dicks. I have met many men with underwhelming dicks. Do I look like I do small cock? Hell no. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to small and flaccid dicks. Men who don’t know they have a shrimp dick, have never met a woman like me. I won’t blow smoke up your ass. I won’t tell you that your cock is the best cock I have ever seen when it makes me cringe. That does you no good and it does the women of the world no good either. I’m here to help you come to terms with your short comings, not coddle you. I am a phone sex therapist for small dicks and broke down losers. I can help cuckold you if you have a small dick. I can help you last if you are a premature ejaculator. I can get your broke down dick erect with a prostate exam or a good pegging. I can even help chronic masturbators. This sexy woman wants you to know and accept your short comings.

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