I Am Your Fantasy

fantasy phone sex

My weakness is my sexual fetish for bad boys. But I am also the young slut that knows how to please your fantasies. Umberto is twice my age and he rides a Harley and has tats all over his body. It was you that introduced us. DId it make your cock hard to know that we would sneak off into the boathouse to have him ravage my sweet ass hole and tight pussy? I mean I was the arm candy that you introduced as your sexy Girlfriend. Don’t worry my sexy Daddy your small cock secret is safe with me. I know that there are cameras catching my tight holes and mouth being filled with Umberto’s sticky thick cum. I know you are playing back the videos and wishing your cock was as big and satisfying to me as his. You are a dream of a man I know it must be hard to deal with that little boy cock as a grown successful man. I pamper you with affection, but you know that I am your little whore who will stop at nothing to be fucked like a ragdoll with a huge thick throbbing cock. Daddy? I saved you some sticky semen in my ass, are you ready to eat this cum?

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