I Have A Live In Play Toy

Mature phone sex

I am excited to tell you that I have the most delicious play thing living with me right now.  He is much younger than me, I know it is because I’m his Sugar Mama and has nothing to do with love.  Which is absolutely fine by me.  He has the nicest cock.  It isn’t the biggest I have ever had, but that doesn’t matter much.  The reason for that is because I like to watch.

I love sending him out to find pussy.  At first he didn’t believe me.  He of course didn’t want to fuck up anything, so he thought it was a test.  I finally had to go out and get a beautiful piece of ass for him.  I brought her into the house, then told her to give him head.  At first he wasn’t able to get hard, so I had to jump in there and use my hands to help him get hard.  After he figured out that if I was going to get him hard in order to actually fuck another woman that it wasn’t a test at all, it was really what I wanted.

The looked so great together.  His cock fit perfectly into that tight cunt of hers.  The way her tits bounced with each of his thrusts was mesmerizing. She was such a good whore for my man.  She caught every drop of his cum when he came over her face.  I paid her for her time, then went to bed with my new toy.  I didn’t want sex with him, but I did love how tacky his cock felt, knowing that her pussy juice was the cause.  

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