I Love My Small Breasts

Small BoobsI love having small breasts, I can wear the sluttiest outfits with no bra and let you see my hard nipples poking out. I love when my friend with benefits comes over and sees my hard nipples. It makes his dick so hard, he always he thinks girls with big breasts they sag too much and the areola is to big. He came over and lifted my top up and bit hard and sucked on my nipple. Picked me up and put me on the kitchen table and kept kissing and licking even caressing my breasts. He took his dick out and rubbed the head on my nipples making it all shiny, he then put his dick in my pussy and fucked me slow and deep. My heart shaped butt was bouncing off the table, he always does me good. He pulled out and came all over my chest and he loved watching me lick the cum off my nipples.

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