I Need a Ride to the Beach

I wanted to hit the beach today but I knew you had a long week and it was going to take some coaxing. I snuck outside and got naked on the back lawn and waited for you to come looking for me. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, you came out the back door yelling my name. You caught sight of me, and I flashed you my beautiful body and you stopped dead in your tracks. I am such a naughty little whore, but I sure do know how to get what I want.

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I spread my legs while you watched and took my sun lotion and began rubbing it down my inner thighs. I saw your cock rise in your pants and you began approaching me again. You asked what I was doing out here and I begged you “pretty Please” if we could go to the beach. You smiled despite yourself and told me if I was a good girl you would take me. I knew you would give in so I asked what I needed to do to be your best girl.

You pulled out your cock and placed it against my face. I still had my sunglasses on as I took your hard cock in my mouth and began to suck. I swirled my tongue around the head and felt your hand press my head down hard until I could feel you in my throat. I know you love when I swallow your cum, and I knew instantly thats what I needed to do to get my ride to the beach. I let you fuck my pretty face until you were ready to squirt it everywhere and I swallowed every last drop as your dick pumped it down my throat. You zipped yourself up and told me to grab my bikini. I am such a lucky little spoiled whore…

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