It’s Good Neighbor Day so I was a very good neighbor

voyeur phone sexToday is Good Neighbor Day so I decided to do something really nice for the poor bastard that lives next door. His wife is a bitch, like a total ice queen and she never does anything but yell at that poor guy. I’ve seen him watching me before so I keep my bedroom curtains wide open all the time so he can see me when I’m changing clothes, I figure I may as well give the poor guy a chance to see pretty tits for once. Anyway, today I did a whole lot  more than just change in front of him, today I went out on the balcony, did a little strip tease and slowly took off all of my clothes. Then I laid back right in front of him and started rubbing this juicy pussy while I looked him right in the eye! I knew he was alone over there, the bitch wife was at her sister’s house so I nodded for him to come over. That was all it took, he was running over here and on my balcony seconds later with his rock hard dick still in his hands. I got straight to sucking his cock but that didn’t last long because he was so eager to get to this pussy! OMG he pounded my pussy so hard and deep! It was amazing!! I don’t know why that bitch won’t fuck her man… but if she won’t I sure will!

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