Landscaping Services

Shaved Wet PussyMy boyfriend was away on business again and had asked me to hire a new landscaping crew for the summer.

I love helping him in anyway that I can. He takes such good care of me!

So I thought I would ask the neighbor who she use because her yard always looks so nice!

She gave me the name of a guy she likes and said that he is the best! She kept going on about his technique and how gentle he is, and I was thinking… Wow! She is really into her lawn!

So I called and scheduled and appointment. It didn’t take long to realize that my neighbor and I had been talking about two different things!

The man came to my door wearing black pants and shirt and carrying a very large case. I knew right away that he was a “different” type of “landscaper”!

I thanked him very much and explained that it was a mistake and that his services were not needed! To which he said in some weird accent, that there were no mistakes and that he would love to show me what he had to offer!

I tried to explain that I was fine but he would not take no for an answer! Then I thought it might be nice to surprise my man with something new!

We headed upstairs and I took off my clothes and slipped into a robe. He smiled at me and said that my robe would just get in the way and we would not want to ruin it!

I slipped it off and hopped up on the folding table that he had assembled.

He told me to relax but that was very difficult! I was completely naked in my boyfriends bedroom and a strange man had his face in my little pussy!

He said that we should start with a massage so that I could relax. I was about to turn over and he stopped me and told me that it was not that kind of massage!

Then he drizzled some warm baby oil on my thighs and started gentle rubbing them. His hands climbed further and further up the inside of my thighs until I could feel them accidentally brushing against the lips of my love spot. I hated to admit how could it felt but my swollen moist mound was giving it away!

He oozed some more oil on the soft outer edge of my pussy and began to massage me and rub and squeeze in was that I had never been rubbed and squeezed before!

I could feel my twat start to twitch and I was afraid I was going to explode in his hands!

He did not seem to mind my impending explosion and carried on with business as usual, applying warm lotions and creams.

He gently slid his fingers inside me pulling and stretching my lips to suit his needs! I was about to lose control and he told me that if I did not control myself then we would have to stop! This was torture! I was about to cream his face and I don’t think I could stop!

Before I knew it, He had finished and began cleaning me with warm soapy water, letting it run down the inside of my clit. He knew what he was doing to me and he was enjoying it!

He said that he could finish the job but it is not included in the landscaping service. I didn’t care! I needed it now!

He began to lick my freshly shaved smooth pussy and finger fucking me until I couldn’t take it anymore! I squirted all over his face! My sauce was dripping from everywhere!

It was the most incredible landscaping service I had every had! And my sweet little pussy was the prettiest it had ever been!

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