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My friend came over because we were going to bake some goodies together for an upcoming bake sale. But when she and I get together, things usually get hot pretty fast. Just as I suspected, when I bent down to grab a mixing bowl, her hand groped my ass. Soon, we were down to just our aprons, kissing and rubbing each other all over our bodies. She had such amazing tits, I loved licking them, flicking her nipple back and forth with my tongue. My pussy ached to feel her touch, so I grabbed her hand and guided it to my clit. Tilting my head back, I moan in ecstasy, grinding my hips into fingers.

My juices dripped down as she continued to play with my slit. Sitting up on the counter, I spread my legs wide so she could lick my slippery cunt. Her tongue massaged my clit so amazingly, I ran my fingers through her hair to push her in deeper. Yes, yes right there, I gasped, cumming all over her face. Barely able to move after such an intense orgasm, I had her climb up and straddle my face so I could return the favor to her. Her pussy tasted so sweet, I reached up and fingered her asshole while I continued eating her out. Convulsing, she squirted all over my face,making a puddle on the counter. Freshly fucked, we cleaned up and got to work on the bake sale!

Lesbian Phone Sex

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