Let Me Be Your Side Chick

Erotic RoleplayingI want to be the one you call and we can roleplay that I am your girl on the side or whatever that is erotic that you want. I love treating you well, giving you rub downs with nice lavender oil making it warm on your body. I want my breasts with my hard nipples to graze against your skin and I want my breasts to get slick from the oil and you turn around and start caressing them. I love the way my erect nipples look slipping through your fingers. I also love teasing you by sneaking in through the basement and have on my sexiest little black dress and matching high heels with no panties. I want you to find me down in the basement when the wifey is upstairs. I pull you into me and pull your dick out and I get down on my knees and put it in my mouth and you nice and gentle grab my hair and move my mouth up and down your dick. I want you to pick me up against a wall and fuck me like you would never fuck her and I love having my legs wrapped around you and pulling you deeper into me with my heels. You will have to gag me so she doesn’t hear lol or maybe I want you to almost get caught.

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