Let’s Take Our Time

edgeplay phone sex

Edgeplay phone sex with a sexy girl like me will leave your cock aching. You’ve been stroking your cock for so long and you need to finally explode that load of cum. It’s been building in your balls. Now your load of cum is massive and it’s going to shoot everywhere when
I finally tell you to let go. Sometimes what you really need is the sexy and sultry tone of my voice in your ear, telling you just how to stroke that nice thick cock. When you edge with me, you’re going to cum harder than you have ever experienced. You’ll be desperate, begging, and pleading with me to let you cum. Sure, I could get you off in a just a few minutes. I’m an expert at getting guys off and I love it. But why end something that feels so amazing so soon? Let’s draw it out as long as we can. Get the rock hard cock on the edge of explosion before we finally let that creamy goodness rush through your throbbing shaft and shoot all over. You’ll have never felt such a sweet release as I will give you. Let me show you how wonderful it can feel to prolong your orgasm. Let’s get you to the edge and then push you right over!

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