Sexy babe

I feel so sexy when I’m wearing lingerie. When I decide to dress up, I go all out. Sexy bra, garter, silk stockings, and if I wear panties at all, it’s either a thong or a g-string. My lover has a serious lingerie fetish, and when he sees me all decked out in silky and lacy garments, his cock can’t get hard enough. I usually forgo wearing panties altogether because I know they’ll just get ripped off of me so he can stick his big hard cock in my pussy. That’s what he did last night when he saw me wearing a matching all white lace lingerie set. He pushed me onto my back, tore my thong off and had my legs up in the air plowing his hard cock in and out of me. He sucked on my toes through the fishnet stockings as he pounded me. He was so turned on he didn’t last long and was soon giving me a nice creamy load of cum deep in my pussy.

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