Little Dick Man

Small dick humiliationWhen you pulled down your pants, I’d never laughed so hard. Did you really think that I would fuck you? I know you know that your cock is small. I’ve never seen a cock that small. It could pass for a big clit. You should take those boxers off and wear panties. Have you ever satisfied a woman with your small package? I doubt it. Get on your knees, you’re not man enough to stand in my presence. I can’t believe you thought you could fuck me, you tiny dick man. You hear the doorbell ringing, that’s a real man. He has a nine inch cock, and he knows how to use it. Crawl to the door and let him in, then get your ass over here and eat my pussy. Get my pussy wet and ready to take his big dick. I see you staring at his big cock. Do you want to get him ready, too? Go ahead and open your mouth and please my big dick friend. You’re my little dick bitch and I control you.

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