Missing Sissy..

It’s been awhile since I heard her sissy whimpers. The way she gets so excited to show off for her mistress makes me giggle. Sissy Michael loves to show off for all of us here. Its been so long since I have heard her beg her mistress to allow her to do a squirty squirt from her tiny jingling balls. Wait do you guys know who I am talking about? It’s been so long since I have written about her, you probably have no idea who I am talking about??  Well Sissy Michael Fr… I’ll keep the last name to myself, we don’t want his wife finding out again..

Sissy humiliation

Anyway Sissy Michael is one of those Fairy sissy piggie bank sluts we have. Infact she is our beloved site sissy! She dances, sings and even dresses up! Her style is amazing and she can be the cutest Adult baby boy sissy fag you have ever seen! I just wanna dress her up all cute and sweet, then set her loose down Van Buren Avenue in Phoenix, she would be the sexiest cum piggie there! Hmmm I wonder if anyone would recognize her there..

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