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Mature phone sex

Last night after work I flew to Vegas.  It was a impulsive decision but I decided that I needed to get out of the house for a bit.  It is a pretty quick flight there, only two hours, so although it was late when I arrived, I still wanted to spend some time on the casino floor.  I freshened up, put something a little bit dressier on then went down to lose my money. I hardly ever win so I know not to go overboard with the spending at the tables.

I had been at the black jack table for a little bit when I decided I had had enough.  I was still wide awake, so I went to one of the bars.  I was sitting at a table by myself just people watching when a very nice-looking man asked if he could sit down.  I looked him up and down and told him that he could.  We chatted for a little while then he said, “How much?”  I knew right away what he meant.  Although I was surprised by what he said, I maintained my expression when I gave him a price.

He agreed then stood up and held his hand out for me.  On the elevator on the way up to his room we barely looked at each other.  Once inside his room however it was a completely different story.  We spent exactly one-hour fucking.

I was already dressed when he went into the bathroom to shower.  I would make a bad prostitute, as I didn’t get the money before we started.  I suppose that is Prostitution 101, however, I turned the tables on my “date”.  I pulled out some money, took out some lipstick and wrote on his pillow, “Thanks for the good time.” Put the money on top of it and left the room.

Part of me wonders what he felt when he came out of the shower to see that.  I am not sure if I will even see him again while I am here due to the vast number of people in this Hotel.  If I do see him I will surly ask him what it felt like to be my little play thing for the hour.

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