Mistress Envy

Domination phone sex Envy


Call me Mistress Envy. Let me control you. I want to dominate you. Worship at my feet. Obey or be punished. I’ll make you bend over and I’ll spank your bare ass red. In my dungeon you’ll wear a leash, because you’re my pet. You won’t stand on two feet, you’ll crawl on your hands and knees. I like my pets to dress up. We’ll put you in a gown and makeup. Let me make you pretty. I’ll even give you a girl’s name like “Sara or Cindy”. If you have a small penis let me humiliate you. You know with a dick your size you’ll never be able to satisfy a woman. I know what you crave. I know what you need. Please me and be rewarded. Disobey me and I’ll show you pain. I’ll drink your tears, my pet.

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