Mustache Ride For This Sexy Babe

Sexy BabeI wasn’t always the vivacious young lady that I am today. I use to be what they would call the ugly duckling and I blossomed into what now men drool at my feet for. I am a very sexy and sensual female, I wouldn’t be able to so spoiled and be a very successful sugar baby if I wasn’t. I love the rich men I get to play with and their homes, I want to own one like that someday. I would be fucking all over especially in the nice california king bed. One of my clients will have me come over when his wife is out of town. I get to live this lavish lifestyle and he has an amazing pool, this particular client has a mustache like Mr Pringle. I love going on that mustache ride, he knows exactly how to let me ride that fat, long warm tongue. I love getting on his bed and undressing like a sexy stripper and twerking in between, lying on me back licking my middle finger like it’s his thick cock. I have my legs spread so wide with my cute bald pussy exposed and it looks so good against my tan skin. He gets so horny watching me rub and fuck myself, I won’t even let him come close until I can come. My pleasure comes before any man, he loves his face glazed like a jelly donut.


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  1. izia

    I want to be your glazed donut baby

  2. Peter

    Sit on my face princess

  3. Bucky

    Wow what a lovely pussy

  4. Steve

    Your one sexy goddess!

  5. Chester

    You have grown into a fucking hot slut of a beautiful swan mmmmm good.

  6. louis

    naughty vixen with a sexy voice, oh yes

  7. Luke

    I would take good care of you baby.

  8. Greg

    I could eat that pussy for hours.

  9. eddie

    i will bend you over and pound you hard

  10. Bob

    I will give you a ride like your on a pringles can

  11. David

    You got a pretty little pussy

  12. tim


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