My Feet Got Fucked

Foot Fetishes

After class, I made my way to my favorite coffee shop. On the way there, I ran into this sexy man who invited me back to his place to have some fun. Throwing me onto his bed, he pulled off my jeans, taking off my thong with his teeth. Next, my top came off. Laying nude underneath his gorgeous, naked body, I moaned as he played with my clit. He leaned back on his knees as he lifted my feet by his face, kissing them. I giggled as he licked each toe. Watching in awe, he nearly came when I started rubbing my perfectly pedicured foot against my clit. My pussy was dripping wet as he held my feet around his cock. Finally, he rubbed his boner against my clit before sliding all the way inside. I gasped from the pleasure of his fuckstick stretching out my tight cunt. Rubbing my clit with his thumb, he gave me an enormous, squirting orgasm, and using my cum for lube, he went back to fucking my feet. Grunting, he blew his hot, sticky load all over my feet, covering them completely.

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