My friends and I abusing you

2 girl phone sexUsing and abusing men for my personal and financial pleasure is so much more fun with friends. I get paid for being myself and taking the utmost advantage of you in all the best of ways, hehe. There’s really nothing hotter than that! My mind gets more twisted the more that we play! I love getting dirty with you and teasing the fuck out of you! I know that you love nasty, classy bitches and that’s why you are so fucking obsessed with me! I’m so mean to you and yet, you continue to return for more! It make me so happy to have control over you cock and blue balls. I need a little bitch boy that is going to fill up my bank account while I fill his mouth with my delicious pussy. Give me everything that I deserve, I know you love to! You really should just stick to anonymous dirty phone sex for your filthy perversions. I love the sounds of grown men begging me for more, findom makes my pussy dripping wet! My friends and I go all out on you, you’re nothing but a personal little slave for us! Nothing turns you on more than serving us in any way that you can, that’s all your pathetic cock is good for!

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