My Shrink Got Hard

mature phone sex

While I do phone sex therapy, I also see a shrink of my own. I just started with a new one, and I am so glad that I did! He was hot, and his eyes bore right through me from the moment that we saw each other. While laying on his couch, with my pencil skirt and low cut blouse, I began telling him about my line of work. Guess I turned him on because when I looked over at him, he was sitting there with a tent pole in his pants. I thought, what the hell, and just reached up under my skirt and started masturbating as I talked about some of the sexy calls that I had received. Pretty soon he was stroking his cock as he watched me and I asked him if he would like to fuck. Without a word, he got up, pushed up my skirt and moved my panties to the side. He gave it to me hard and fast and I had such a good time, I booked another appointment for tomorrow.

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