Naughty Teacher has a New Teacher’s Pet

naughty teacherI try to not be a naughty teacher, but my students are hot for teacher, even the females! Lilly came to my office hours yesterday. She is an average student, so when she asked for extra credit, I honestly didn’t think she had ulterior motives. When I asked her what she was good at to get a feel for what type of project to give her, she bolted out, “pussy licking.” She looked embarrassed about her outburst, but I was intrigued. Girls eat pussy better than boys. I think it has to do with the fact that we know what we like; we know what feels good. I told her I knew exactly how she could get extra credit in my class. I walked to my office door and locked it. I walked back to my desk and sat on the top with my legs spread. I gave her a nod and she went down like the Titanic between my legs. She pulled my panties to the side and slid her tongue in my shaved wet pussy. A few licks and I was moaning so loud I was certain the students walking the halls could hear me. I turned on my music to drown out my moans. She was not lying. If I taught a course in cunt licking, she would get an A plus. She was so good I made her a deal. One I rarely make. I promised her an A in my class for the semester if she ate my pussy a couple times a week. I explained she had to come to class and do all assignments for appearances, but if she kept licking my pussy this well the rest of the semester, she would earn a solid A. She took the deal. I squirted on her face a few times before she had to leave for her next class. She is already teacher’s pet.

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