Piper and Amber share a BBC

2 girl phone sexI was so trashed last night but really needed a fuck. Apparently I whined so much about it my true bestie Amber went out and found the biggest cock she could find and brought him to me. He was a 6’2 very attractive BBC. Plenty to share between us. I remember being quick to get on my knees next to Amber. I watched her lick that cock all over getting it harder, as she playful sucked on the head. I reached down to start playing with her smooth pussy and kissing her neck as a special little thank you. I leaned over while Amber was sucking the first few inches like a pro and began to lick under the shaft down to his balls. He demanded we stop and get are cute white asses high in the air for him. We obeyed being next to each other and having our asses high up for him. I felt his hand come down hard on my ass making my ass jiggle, as he ran his cock over our asses teasing us. My pussy throbbed with anticipation, he slowly started to fuck me as he reached and played with Amber his fingers deep in her. Hearing her moan as a major turn on to me, I hope to play with Amber a lot more.

2 girl phone sex

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