Punish Me

The new furniture got delivered today. I feel like a really bad little slut, because I didn’t have any cash to tip the movers, and the only way I could think to pay them was with my sweet pussy. I knew you would be mad, so I decided to take a nice long bubble bath, get dinner in the oven, get naked, and wait for you to come home so I could make it up to you. You’re so good to me with all the credit cards, but I guess I am going to need some cash too, baby.

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You walk in the door and I call out to you from the living room. You walk in, still carrying your briefcase, and I am sprawled out, legs open wide, on the back of the sofa. You don’t know yet that I already got fucked by two guys on it earlier, but I decide to wait to tell you until your hard cock is deep inside me. You drop everything and start taking off your clothes. The sight of your hard cock makes my pussy throb and I can’t wait for you to pound my tight little slit.

You pull me off the back of the couch, and take a quick taste of my wet pussy. I am sure it still smells like the bubble bath, and you moan as you take a nice big lick. I want you bad, so I pull you up by your head and grab your huge cock, pulling it towards my wet cunt. You happily ram me as hard as you can – taking every frustration of your day out on my pussy. I confess in your ear that I fucked the movers. You don’t miss a beat, you’re angry but you take it out on my pussy – just as I had planned! I am such a naughty little slut…

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