Ready 4 Ur Humiliation?

sissy humiliation

I bet you still got that tiny ass cock don’t you? That’s okay; I came prepared this time since you disgraced me last time when I saw how puny your clitterdick is. I’ll tell you what I’ll let you do though! You can watch a real man fuck me up the ass like you wish you could do. Maybe he could teach you a couple things while you use your thumb and index finger to try to rub that tiny cock of yours. Unfortunately, I could never let you fuck me with that stub. No woman will allow you to fuck her honestly, but at least you get to see how a real man can use his cock to please a woman like me. My favorite kind of cock is a big black veiny cock! Once you go black, you can never go back baby. Nothing against you… you just don’t have the rhythm or the right size tool for me! I only take cock from REAL men and can’t help but laugh and relish in sissy humiliation! Sorry loser.

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