Seducing Mr. Peters

GFE phone sexI’ve been spending weekdays after school as a office assistant. For the most part it’s easy and I look great in a cute pencil skirt and matching blazer. As you can imagine I get plenty of attention men feel the need to compliment every little thing I do, hoping for more than just a smile and thank you. It’s funny that they think I would waste efforts on bottom feeders, my eye is on the boss of them all, and last night I finally got my chance. Mr. Peters was staying late so he asked if any assistants would be willing to stay and help with some late night filing. I offered and found myself in his office just the two of us that night. I did my best to ease any load of his work, and found out little things about him. His wife called at one point just to nag him, which gave me the perfect opening. I have a eye at seeing when a man is not having his needs met and I could tell by the way he was talking she hadn’t been worth a damn to him in a long time. He hung up the phone, he was very tensed so I got behind him and massaged his shoulders. I told him to relax and not let her slow him down. This simple act had him spilling the beans about his sexless marriage and constant fights. “What you need is some release” I whispered in his ear as my hands moved down his chest. With that he surrendered to me, becoming putty in my gentle but capable hands.

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