Sex Therapy Needs a Second

Tease and DenialI received a call from a true sissy today. He wanted to get off, but he couldn’t without guidance and a helping hand. I got some help from my new young friend, Trudy, who came over and gave me a hand. I had Trudy help him dress in some frilly girls’ underthings, with a cute little design on them. Then, I had her lead him around the floor for a minute, to see how well he could listen. He obeyed commands very well, so I let her have him eat her puss. I, of course, stood behind Trudy and played with her beautiful, perky tits while he did it. I talked him through various spots to hit, ways to lick and nibble and suck.Sexy chicks

After that, I let her climb on his back and I had him walk her around the room a couple of laps. When he finally got good and worn out, I had Trudy tie him to the table and work her magic on his cock and balls while I stood over his face and let him stare at my puss. I leaned over and took Trudy‘s face in my hands, and I kissed her deep, tasting his cock and balls on her tongue. I had her stand over his face and let him eat her sweet young pussy out for a bit, while I drilled his tight little asshole with my magic wand. When all was said and done, I let Trudy ride his hard cock until she achieved all the pleasure she could handle, denying him the right to cum until she was done. When he did come, it was with my wand massaging his prostate and Trudy‘s cupped hands catching every drop. I made her feed it to him before he was allowed to get back up and take his leave. Sissy humiliation

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