Sexy Babe Anna Gets Plowed!!

Sexy babeI’d never seen Anna before, but she was a very hot piece of work. From the way she dressed to the way she moved, she was a walking seduction. Her pencil skirt barely covered the bottom of her ass, and the blouse was snug across her tits. The sway of Anna‘s hips had every man on the block stopping what they were doing to watch her walk by. When she turned up the drive to the house of a man I knew was married, you could almost hear the groans from the men wishing it was them. I don’t think anyone expected that Anna would start stripping right on the lawn as the man in question walked outside in just a robe. Anna wrapped herself around him, right there, as she shouted that someone needed to fuck her ass. The other men started racing to get to her, but the next door neighbor made it first, and had his fly undone and his cock buried in Anna‘s ass before anyone could say differently. Anna took every cock in the neighborhood without batting an eye, and seemed like she could have gone for more. She was such a hot fucking cock whore.

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