Sexy Babe Rebecca

Being in a position of trust offers me a lot of room to get to know my clients. They confide so many things in me. One of my clients is a sex addict and is cheating on his wife. He is terrified she is going to find out. While I was grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, I ran into him and his wife.  I gave him a look as he introduced me to his wife. She was very beautiful and I was surprised at her shy demeanor. This client and I have had many sessions. We have discussed why he cannot commit to one piece of pussy and we have explored his fascination with the need for cheating. I do a lot of role playing with him as we explore the under lying issues and get to them together through sexual play. I suppose that can seem a bit of an oddity in choice of therapy for his condition but I believe it works. not only that but I rather enjoy it when he licks my pussy. His cock is quite large too and I enjoy the sessions as they make both him and I feel good.


Sexy babe

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