Sexy Babysitting Neighbor

It was such a pleasure for my pussy and I to meet you, neighbor! Your wife needed to be rushed to the hospital, for what I don’t really care, and you had no sitter. You came knocking at my door, and asked me to babysit your little brat. I agreed because I wanted an excuse to get to know you a bit better. I mean that’s sort of a lie, I wanted an excuse to seduce you. I watched the brat for about an hour, until they decided your wife wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital until the next day, so you came home to be with your little ankle biter. Your brat was already in bed, but still, you were not expecting to walk into your living room to find me half naked, playing with myself. There was no hiding it I seen your cock instantly get hard, and I knew you wanted me too. Just like you asked me for help, I asked you for help scratching the itch my fingers just couldn’t reach. In response, you bent me over the couch and told me to bite the cushion so I wouldn’t wake your little one. You plowed into my tight bald pussy while my titties slapped against me. Then I left without a word. I hope your wife stays in the hospital, so that we can continue to help each other. Don’t you neighbor?

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