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sexy chicksI am the total package: brains and beauty. That means I am smart enough not to date losers. I hate a Splenda daddy. Do you know what that means? That is a term for a man who is an imitation sugar daddy. He either doesn’t have the money to spoil a girl properly or the cock to fuck her properly. David was a double loser in my estimation. He was buying me, and my girlfriends drinks all night at the club. He was a bore and not that handsome, but the rich fucks seldom are the kind of guys you would still want to fuck if they were pumping gas. He had a tab and we were drinking top shelf booze. We aren’t bottom shelves girls. Anyway, we acted like he was the greatest man in the world because we thought he had money. Complete poser. His credit card declined at the end of the night. He tried to ask us for money. You offer to buy some sexy chicks drinks, you pay loser. Now, the bartender wasn’t rich, but he was handsome, and we were sure he was hung. We were correct. He had almost a foot-long cock in his pants. We made the broke ass Splenda daddy watch as we fucked the only man in the place. He called us cunts and bitches. I sat my cum filled pussy from the help on his face and asked him who the real bitch was, then we left him there. Broke with a bill he couldn’t pay and another man’s cum on his face. I told the bartender to call the cops if the loser couldn’t’ pay his bill then come over to my place when he was done working so I could get some more of that big fat dick. I don’t mind slumming if the man is hung and not a poser.


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  1. brandon

    so sexy!

  2. Rodger

    Such a hot slut

  3. Chinmay

    You are a sexy slut I loved our conversation.

  4. Brent

    I wish I could just keep you on retainer so nobody else could have you.

  5. sugardaddy

    I’m definitely not a splenda daddy I could spoil you right!

  6. Scott

    Can I just wrap your panties around my tiny cock.

  7. Alex

    you’re such a hot cunt

  8. juan

    i’m no poser for sure, baby!

  9. Wayne

    Your one hot blonde!

  10. Mark

    I would spoil you rotten if I was your Daddy.

  11. quinten

    I got a big thick cock for you right here sexy

  12. Leg Man

    You have such sexy legs

  13. Dillon

    I will spoil you with everything baby.

  14. tobias

    cool blog slut

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