Sexy Cucky

Femdom phone sexDarling, can I call you Cucky in public? Because that is exactly what I am going to do. We are going to take a casual walk to the bank, it makes me wet as fuck every single time you make a deposit into my account! Just talking about it is making my temperature rise! I’m not even surprised anymore by the amount of small dick losers that I talk to, anxiously awaiting their chance in line to serve me like I deserve to be served. All I have to do is crack a smile and I have men dropping at my feet like dead flies, it’s amazing! You day deserves to be filled with hard work and sacrifices made for me. My bank account is never high enough and yours is never low enough. You will do what I say and keep sending me tributes until I am fully satisfied, which will be never! I love having financial domination over you and it drives you wild to have me as your sexy findom goddess!


  1. John

    Please do honey.

  2. Stephen

    You’re so fucking hot!

  3. Boob Man

    I need your large boobs around my cock.

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