Sexy hot women Fucked by Missionaries

Sexy hot women

     I have just had a bath in milk and let me tell you it does wonders for the skin to have that special cream all over your face. Cum is the most natural product used for great skin and I love having it all over me. If I could take a bath in pure cum I sure as hell would do that! So now that my creamy chocolate skin has been buttered down with vanilla how about let’s move on and study the part of the male anatomy that causes me the most pleasure. That’s right cock! I love to be able to get the work out I need every day two or more sessions with this bit of mushroom happiness that is going in and out of my cunt lips!

     The closer you get to heaven the more you know that if cock is not there I would much prefer to stay in hell! As the doorbell rings and I see who it is those are the thoughts that make me so pleasurable and sinful! I roll my eyes because the missionaries are stopping by and they always interrupt when I am talking to you about my ebony pussy. My chocolate has to always wait as I don’t want to be rude to them. I have noticed them at church and thought that maybe it would be nice if I fucked the hell out of them here! I would just  bring them into my home be hospitable because it’s the right thing to do, and just fuck the hell out of them while you are on the phone! Come to mention it that’s what I am going to do right now have their vibrant cocks all inside of my tasty little cunt and let the cream that you love so much just sliding out of me! What a turn on to see your face and see them maybe licking their cum up with me! Now I am opening the door and letting them in and I have my phone on speaker so you can listen to them fucking the hell out of this pussy! I know you will want to join in and the moans of pleasure are going to be all you need!

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