Sissy Boy Andy

Cuckold phone sexI have a new sissy boy his name is Andy. He is useless, In the 3 weeks I have been training him I have only allowed him to cum once. I embarrass him in front of his sister too. She is younger than him but has always been in control. Andy did all her chores for her, making her bed, doing her laundry, Andy was her maid growing up. She started him on his first pair of girly silk panties. Andy loved it so much he never went back to men’s underwear again. And now it is my turn, I embarrass him in front of everyone and anyone. Strangers, friends, family. I dress him in the cutest outfits and we go out and about here and there. Hearing all the laughs, pointing and stares coming from the passing crowds. She got him started on a very good training path. But now a real woman is taking control of the situation. And Andy will end up being a very good trained sissy boy.

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