Sissy Boy Gets Cuckolded

Sissy Humiliation

I love having a sissy slave. It gets me so wet to make him watch me get fucked by other guys, especially when they have big, meaty, black cocks. I made him wait on his knees as I leashed him in a pretty, pink, blinged out collar. Looking down at his pathetic, tiny cock, I frowned. Then, the dark meat arrived. I smiled as I pulled the sissy across the floor with the leash as I went to greet the chocolate hunk. When his radiator hose dropped from his pants, I couldn’t help but gasp a little. He laughed when he saw how tiny the bitch’s pecker was. We made him watch as he ravaged my body, tearing off my clothes and impaling me with his massive fuckstick. I turned back to see that the little sissy boy had turned a bit to the side, perhaps pained by the sight of me with a real man, so I grabbed the leash and pulled his face close. As punishment, I made him lick my asshole while I rode the chocolate thunderstorm. When he was ready to bust, the black man put me on all fours and blew his load all over my ass. With an iron fist, I forced my sissy slave to lick my ass completely clean, making sure he didn’t miss a drop of the cum.

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