Sissy cuck with PMS prissy man syndrome

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I don’t really suppose cuckolding can be done with a dildo, but I’ll just do it anyway. My sissy hubby has been a super bitch lately. It seems like he is having PMS, prissy man syndrome, sullen, bitchy and no fun at all. When it was chores and panties time the other night he actually rolled his eyes at me and let out an exasperated sound at me. I wasn’t too happy about that, nothing in his sissy training has included giving me attitude. I do understand that his job is very demanding and stressful so I gave him a scolding and told him to keep his complaints to himself or I would have to dole out some punishment. He didn’t seem all that impressed either way and he went about his chores. A few hours later when he was done I told him I wanted to cum. He got onto the bed where I way lying naked stroking my pussy, he started licking my wet little fuck hole and clit without much enthusiasm. When I got tired of his half ass effort I told him to go sit in the corner and if he wasn’t going to do it right he could watch me every night for a month with someone else or a something else. That seemed to perk him up a lot and his cock got nice and hard. Finally the sissy I know is back….but I think with that behavior a punishment is in order.

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