Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliationSissy humiliation Sunday? It is becoming a real thing with me. I think because yesterday was Mother’s Day, more guys than usual were getting sissified. Did you ever wear your mommy’s panties? One of the many things sissies have in common is a love for panties. On a psychological level, I think sissies know that their package is too small for boxers. The other thing sissies have in common is a small package. Did you try on someone’s panties when you were a little boy? The silk or satin, even cotton, feels good against a little nub. I bet if you tried on panties when you were younger, you popped a little chubby. Panty boys know that the closest they will likely get to pussy is wearing panties. With a little nub and a feminine demeanor, the best a panty boy can hope for is being a sissy. Women like me don’t give men with clits the time of day unless they pay us or we need a good laugh. Sissies do serve a purpose, however. Besides the small dick humiliation, they make great maids and pay piggies. One of the things I love most about being a sissy trainer is the fact that a sissy is so pathetic she will pay to be denied and shamed. Off the phone, I have a few sissies who pay me to clean my house. They also tribute me. I look at all money I receive from sissies as an annoyance fee. I need to be compensated for my time spent with losers. I am a hot MILF who can fuck anyone she wants, so time I spend with guys I wouldn’t fuck for a million dollars is time away from real men. On or off the phone, if you are a sissy in need of training be prepared to compensate me for my time. And, be prepared to do as you are told.

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