Solo Fun

best phone sexThe other night i had quite the evening full of sexual adventures planned for myself but than thanks to a string of the stomach flu that seemed to strike everyone but myself the evening got cancelled.  I couldn’t believe my bad luck. I was alone, bored and horny.  So i decided to take care of business myself. I opened up my special drawer of vibrators and sex toys.  I pulled out the biggest, most powerful vibrator i had. I put fresh batteries in just to be safe and turned it onto the highest vibration possible.  I started off teasing myself by rubbing my clit with the head of the vibrator it was so intense and felt so good. I immediately started to get wet with pleasure.  I was going to tease myself for a little while longer, but i was just too horny.  So slowly i inserted the tip into my pulsating, juicy pussy.  And than i inserted it as deep as i could,  sliding it in and out  as hard and as fast as i could.  The vibrations combined with with how fast and hard as i was going, pushed me right over the edge of pleasure i thought my bed sheets would be shredded by the time i was done climaxing. But there was a rather considerably sized wet spot on the sheets.   A real cock i’m sure woud’ve been so much better but the  vibrator did the trick just fine.


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  1. Scott

    to just be a fly on the wall and be able to watch that.. mmm

  2. lee

    oh slutty thang, you are just so hot!

  3. Luke

    You look great with a dick in your mouth

  4. tyler

    Let’s fuck

  5. Ryan

    So cute

  6. Mel

    Please have another adventure…on my lap. You don’t need to be alone anymore.

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