Taking notes

Naughty teacherWho knew substitute teaching could be so much fun! I was called in to cover some health classes at the school. Just my luck, today is sex ed! So it seems, no matter how old they get, when someone says penis or vagina they all start giggling. But when I started talking about inserting a cock into a nice fuckhole, I had their undivided attention. After class I keep one boy back I noticed who was paying special attention to my short skirt and low buttoned top when I kept peeking at him over my glasses.

I love school boys, they can cum and cum for days! I slowly stripped for him, showing him my pretty white stockings and garter framing my warm, smooth pussy.

He bent me over the desk and fucked me like a wild animal, before making me clean his dick of our love juices. Then he fucked my tight, bouncy ass, filling my hole with cum. He was really into sucking it out and tongue fucking me.

Before we were done I wore his jizz in every hole, in my hair, on my face, soaking into my tits, and running out of my cunt and asshole.

I can still taste the thick saltiness on my tongue.

Now then, off to my meeting with the dean, he just loves when I’m all warmed up and juicy for him!

Do you need to do some studying with me?

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