Teasing Can Be Fun At Times

Tease and denialI was outside walking my dog the other day wearing short shorts, a low cut blouse no bra no panties.  I could see the neighborhood was out and about,  I noticed eyes looking at me, which always make me smile, I purposely leaned over far to smell some pretty flowers.  Making sure the bottom of my ass was sticking out.  Arching my back popping my ass up.  I could feel the stares of the different men.  As I leaned back up I glanced to my right and could see them all looking at me.  I smiled and waved at them as I again purposely bent over facing the men this time to pet my doggy Sarah.  “Good girl” I say patting her on head.  I know the men could see down my blouse seeing all of my breast. As I stood back up I waved and smiled again at them and continue to walk my dog.  Love being a tease at times.  Giggles.

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