The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother

best phone sexI may look like your prim and proper girl next door, but trust me when I say looks can be so deceiving. We plan a date night, you and I. Dinner and dancing. A couple of drinks here and there. As we’re finishing our last cocktail and getting ready to leave the bar, so we can go back to your place and you can ravage my hot body, you get a phone call. It’s your mom asking if you could stop over to give her a hand with something. You tell her you’ll be right there, and soon we’re on our way.
When we arrive, your mom’s waiting at the front door. She explains that she needs you to move some things from upstairs to down, and that she’ll keep me occupied. And that she does. The minute you’re out of sight, your mom and I are all over each other. I knew by the first look she gave me that she needed me. We kiss ferociously, our mouths hungry. Before I know it, our fingers are inside of each other, feeling the wetness we’ve created. We passionately fall to the floor and find ourselves in the 69 position, our clothes half off. Your mom licks my cunt with an untamed veracity. Like nothing I’ve felt before. I can only repay her in kind, by giving her the eating of a lifetime. We both start to cum, moaning in sheer delight. Our cunts quivering with each wave of ecstasy.
As we collapse from what seemed like hours of nonstop cumming, your mom and I look up to see you standing in the doorway, watching us with your mouth hanging open. A mixture of disbelief and complete enjoyment covers your face. Your cock is absolutely raging hard and all you can think about is the fact that your girlfriend just fucked your mom.
She and I are more than okay with it. I told you… I’m definitely the kind you don’t take home to mother. Next time, maybe you’ll join us.
Deliciously yours,

Anabelle  xoxoxoxo

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