Thoughts of Paris

sexy babe anabelleMy pussy was aching the day I got your letter. The sound of your words hit my soul and caused my heart to breathe for the thought of you here. Imagine me with my tits brushed against your back and letting my hair fall on your waist as I unzipped your jeans and let out your massive cock into my waiting hands. I loved the feel of your apple as we both called your balls and biting into them with my teeth whenever you commanded. Slowly circling your cock in my hand while you pushed me down on the floor because you wanted your cum tease in my awaiting mouth. It was one of those things that attracted to me at first. I remember our meeting at Café De Flore in Paris, the way you looked in my eyes and smiled and how much I wanted to take you there and feel the swirl of your bulging sack in my hands.
I wanted to parade around town with the thought of your cock in my ass as it pulled me apart but it was our first meeting and didn’t want you to think of me badly. But when I came home and felt the gentle kiss of your hand against my hair I knew just the thought of you would keep my juices flowing. It was one of those things that I could not ignore. I remember the caress against my skin as I danced in the moon light to your hand clapping or the significance of how you held my legs in the air and probed my hole with your fingers and how you tasted my juices on your hand. The smile of your caress as you held me in your arms backing into me causing my plum to increase in size and let go. You wanted to taste me then but you had a flight to catch and had to be going. I warmed to the thought of seeing you again and having that cock swirl around my tongue and my legs spread to hit my inner core and womb planting our seed there. I felt your aggression and push as you tore into my hole causing it to dance and wondered on the phone as I talked to you with my fingers lowered to my clit. Would we ever experience Paris again?

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