Time to get ready!

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When most girls get ready for a date they spend hours making sure that everything is perfect. They want perfect hair, perfect makeup, and a perfect wardrobe choice. Well, I’m really only concerned with a couple of things being perfect for my date, my wet little pussy and tight little ass. I know that that is the only thing that my date is worried about, so why waste the effort and time on anything else? I had a naughty man from down the street that was supposed to come over to my place for dinner tonight while his wife is visiting her sister out of state. I knew he was coming for “dinner” but I knew there was only one special on the menu that he was interested in, me. I made up a fancy meat and cheese tray, had a couple bottles of wine ready to go and then I realized it was time for me to get ready. I set out the lingerie that I was going to wear under my sheer black dress and grabbed my favorite glass dildo. It has four knobs, which means 4 times the pleasure. I plunged it deep into my dripping pussy, covering it with my sweet juices, getting it ready to go into my perfect little ass-hole. I can tell what a man wants just by looking at him, and I knew this guy wanted anal for dessert. Now that I’m ready and waiting, I just can’t wait to hear that doorbell ring!

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