Watch Me Play With Myself

Tease and denialI’m a dominant female because I like to be in control. My favorite game to play is Tease and Denial. I know that I’m a sexy bitch, jaws drop when I walk into a room. I haven’t met a man that I couldn’t have in my bed. But with Tease and Denial, you won’t touch me, you can only watch. I’ll have you sit down in a comfortable chair and watch me bend over and grab my ankles. Your cock is going to get rock hard seeing my bald pussy. Watch me put my hand between my legs and place two fingers in my wet pussy. I’ll even spread my ass cheeks and show you my puckered asshole. I know it’s torture watching me finger bang my tight holes but that’s Tease and Denial. I’ll even sit on my ass with my legs spread and use my 12-inch dildo to fuck myself. It’s long and thick so I have to work to get it in my tight wet hole. But I know you’ll enjoy the show.

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