Worth every penny

Cum on boobsI’m worth every single penny that Big Daddy King spends on me. I’m his beautiful little snow bunny and i’ve been missing my Daddy’s legendary anaconda cock. He’s once again been away on a business trip, closing more multi-million dollar deals around the world and cashing checks every damn day like a boss! A brand new club in town just opened up and of course BDK has all the connections to grant us the most incredible VIP treatment like how we deserve. A few of my sexy girlfriends tagged along and of course as always the red carpet was rolled out for us! Daddy King sent us a limo filled with expensive champagne so that we could pre-game properly on our way to the club like the goddesses that we are! All eyes were on us but what’s new! I never get jealous of another bitch, i’m the hottest out of all my friends and Big Daddy King knows it, hehe. I’m on another level and that’s why i’m so perfect for him. The club took care of us perfectly and gave us a presidential VIP experience, all compliments to the living legend himself! The bubbly was flowing at our table and I was dancing all sexy, moving my mesmerizing body to the music and wishing my Big Daddy King would show up to the club and sweep me off of my feet! Much to my pleasure and surprise, BDK arrived back home early from his business trip and came to the club to kiss all over me! I was so excited to see him, our dry cleaner is gonna be pissed off yet again because my red lipstick marks were all over Daddy’s designer collared shirt. Of course i’m wearing a sexy little red dress with ‘Property of BDK’ written on the back of it encrusted in diamonds. And when he slipped his fingers up my dress he found that I also had on my special BDK panties. I love watching his mouth water for my tasty sugar pussy! All the losers gaze on in utter amazement, fantasizing about how badly they wish that they could be in Daddy’s shoes. No one will ever compare, never ever! The King is superior to all of these fuckin losers & anaconda slays all of these small cocks! Daddy whispered into my ear that he had a surprise waiting outside for me and of course I was excited as fuck! He blindfolded me and brought me out in front of the club where all the peasants were standing & waiting to get inside still, lol… it must suck to suck! Right there before me in all of her glory was Big Daddy’s Ferrari that he decided to gift to me! I have always loved this car so much so the fact that BDK blessed me with such an incredible present means the absolute world to me! We both hopped in and went for a joy ride. I let Daddy drive because I had plans to worship anaconda while he whipped around my new car! We looked so fucking sexy cruising around. I pissed the dry cleaner off even more and put red lip marks all over BDK’s Versace compression shorts. That big bulge of his drives me crazy! I whipped him out of his cage and deepthroated the fuck out of him. It was a sloppy wet mess but that’s exactly how Big Daddy likes it! We parked and I straddled my silky smooth legs around his strong body. Getting stretched out by anaconda is my favorite hobby. My tight cunt squirted so much cum, it was the most amazing orgasm of my life! Daddy loves giving my sexy sugar pussy that deep long stroke with his shaft, that shit drives me crazy! He was bouncing me up and down on anaconda like I was a goddamn basketball. Anaconda ejaculated massive amounts of millionaire nut all over me. Cum on boobs, ass, pussy and all over my beautiful face too, I love his millionaire facials! Big Daddy King can’t get enough of me because I stay tight, I stay loyal and I stay sexy. I’m the youngest and hottest millionaire all thanks to the living legend himself! #SugarGang #BetterThanYou #SugarPrincess #SugarBabyForLife #MillionaireFacial #CumOnBoobs #BigDaddyKing #PrincessLena #NoSplendaDaddiesAllowed #TooGoodForYou

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