Your face is my throne

Ass fetishYou have quite the ass fetish, don’t you dirty boy?! Well today is your luck day because I am going to punish you with my sweet booty and delicious pussy. I am going to dominate you baby because after all, your face is my nasty throne! You fuckin love how I bounce that ass on your tongue and grind my dripping wet cunny slit on that sexy jawline of yours. You beg for me to let you taste me deep… you’re so fuckin cute when you beg! I throw my body back on you so hard, I have your entire skull sore from taking all the sexual pressure that I put on to you. While you’re eating my pussy baby I wanna grab on to that dick and play with it. Sucking, spitting, slobbing and choking all over it… you have my mouth sloppy wet and my eyes watering while we sixty-nine one another. My saliva is stuck from the tip of my tongue to the tip of your cock and you love the view! I use both of my hands and stroke that dick, take care of that dick and love all on that dick. Meanwhile, my pussy juice is squirting out all over you and you’re guzzling me down… you love that shit! Consider yourself lucky to be smothered by my perfectly round booty!

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