Your Naughty Teacher

Naughty Teacher

I’m your very naughty teacher this semester. I call you out to stay after class and take you to my office. Look at these scores, you’ve been falling behind. I think you will need some one-on-one tutoring and extra credit just to pass this year, wouldn’t you agree? I sit on my desk in front of you and start to unbutton my top. You gulp as you see my lacey bra peeking out. Be sure to keep this extra credit to yourself, otherwise I’d have to let everyone have a chance, to be fair. But you’re the only student I feel deserves my undivided attention. Now, just in my panties and heels, I begin to play with my big tits and touch myself as you watch. I get so wet when you watch me, I begin to shake as I let out little moans. Pulling off my panties entirely, I get onto all fours and rub my clit in front of you. Getting down, I unbuckle your pants and start sucking that amazing cock. Watching you squirm only turns me on more. You kiss me hard as we fall onto my desk. Frantically, you thrust inside my dripping cunt, pounding me hard enough to knock papers to the floor. The nut you’ve got inside those balls is your extra assignment, and it’s time to turn it in! Grunting, you fill my slit with your cum, emptying your sack inside me. That’s earned you some extra credit, but to pass, I predict we will need to meet much more often!

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