All the boys think I’m a sexy babe

sexy babeGo see that sexy babe Anna, she likes that shit, is what my neighbor’s son told his cousin when he came to visit yesterday. I guess the poor little guy was really horny and didn’t know what to do about it so his cousin sent him my way. I am known around the neighborhood as the slutty milf but I don’t mind because it gets me all of the hot young cock I can handle. This boy was so sweet, he was young but old enough to know what he wanted and what he wanted was me. He took one look at this sexy body and his young cock got rock hard, it was so sweet! I was horny immediately so I just got right down on my knees and pulled that rock hard young cock out of his pants and kissed it. His legs were trembling, I bet he had never had his dick sucked before because he was cumming in seconds. I swallowed every drop of cum and taught him how to lick this juicy mommy pussy too. By the time I came on his sweet young face he was rock hard again and ready to fuck, that’s why I love the young ones! They can fuck all day long every day of the week!

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